HVM vaartochten bv


1. During the work, the clothes should be appropriate for the work performed.

2. During a cruise, you need to wear protective clothing and footwear.

3. On board a life jacket is worn when you walk down the gangways.

4. It is not allowed to consume alcohol aboard ships during working hours.

5. Use of (soft) drugs on board is not allowed.

6. It is allowed and even encouraged to alert colleagues at fault behavior.

7. Notification of offenses report exclusively to the management if the person is himself is addressed first.

8. For a cruise departure of the guests must be sufficiently informed where they can and can not go.

9. Before leaving instruction is given to the guests about the behavior on board.

10. The sailing times book and the necessary paperwork to be completed before departure.

11. The main and auxiliary engines are controlled in terms of water and lubricating oil.

12. The diesel tank is checked for sufficient stock for the trip.

13. Those who are allowed to carry only shipboard operations for which they are qualified except by the express permission of a superior.

14. Technical defects are passed on time.

15. For the various activities that you are adequately informed to be through toolbox meetings or instruction.